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Looking to renovate your home or landscape your garden but worried about getting caught short? Look no further! Our company provides a Payment Protection Guarantee for all renovation and landscaping work*, ensuring that your investment is protected. With our Payment Protection Guarantee, you can rest

assured that any funds paid for work on your property is protected. Don't let the fear of uncertainty hold you back from making the changes you've been dreaming of a reality. Apply today and take advantage of our Payment Protection Guarantee for a stress-free build project!

*We only provide cover to reputable providers, namely Refresh Renovations and Zones Landscaping.

The Magenta Guarantee will provide cover for a Homeowner in the event that a Franchisee enters into liquidation and is unable to meet its obligations to the Homeowner.

Greater peace of mind and certainty when you enter into a contract

Extra Protection

The Guarantee provides additional protection to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and Building Act 2004;

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Affordable Protection

The Guarantee Fee is 1.5% of the Contract Price (minimum required Guarantee Fee is $200(incl GST) and a maximum fee of $3,750 (incl GST));

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Here To Help

The Guarantee helps Home owners obtain funding from banks and lending institutions for Works.

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We help you to get covered in 3 steps

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Your Refresh or Zones Franchisee will ask you to complete the application form – you can do this online

Application Approved

Magenta will assess your Application and, if accepted, will confirm your Guarantee by sending you an invoice

Get Covered

Once your invoice has been paid, your cover is then activated and you will receive a signed Guarantee certificate

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