Job description

The U.S. Attorney's Office in the District of California is currently seeking an Assistant United States Attorney to serve in the Civil Division and to focus primarily on asset forfeiture. This work includes assisting with criminal prosecutions seeking to forfeit illegally obtained or possessed property, civil forfeiture actions, and seizure warrants in cases involving violations of federal laws such as immigration, drugs, firearms and financial crime. The attorney may all handle affirmative civil enforcement actions against those who engage in fraud, violate federal laws, or damage federally owned property. The attorney may also assist with financial litigation to recover debts owed to the United States.

Job responsibilities

- Advise clients regarding ongoing litigation or to explain legal issues they might be facing or have concerns about.

- Research the details and evidence involved in cases, such as police reports, accident reports, or pleadings previously filed in a case, as well as applicable law.

- Interpret case law and decisions handed down by other applicable courts. This can involve analyzing the effects of a good many factors that might have been involved in other cases.

- Develop case strategies, such as trying to resolve cases early and cost-effectively for his clients rather than go to trial.

- Prepare pleadings and other documents, such as contracts, deeds, and wills.

- Appear in court before a judge or jury to orally defend a client's rights and best interests.

Responsibilities will increase and assignments will become more complex as your training and experience progress.


- Master’s Degree

- Be an active member of the bar (any U.S. jurisdiction)

- Have at least 1 year post-J.D. judicial legal or other relevant experience.

Peferred Qualifications

Preferred applicants will possess superior oral and written communications skills, strong interpersonal skills; and the capacity to function in a highly demanding environment with minimal guidance. Additional, it is desired that the successful candidate have a strong academic credential and at least two years of post- J.D. experience.

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