We still see way too many law firm Partner compensation systems that are mis-aligned with the Partnership’s overall goals. You get what you reward. Relying on Partners to “do the right thing” is not a formula for success. Future success needs to be rooted in the systems and not in the hope that Partners will behave in a manner that is not aligned with their personal interests.

Background of the Partner Compensation System

As law firms become more agile and focus on profitability, they are re-evaluating their compensation systems to better align them with the firm’s strategic objectives. There are a few primary reasons for this:

1. Law firms are becoming increasingly complex and require a wider range of skills and expertise than ever before.

2. The competition for talented attorneys is fierce and salaries reflect that reality.

3. To keep and attract top talent, law firms must offer competitive pay and benefits packages.

4. Many law firms are adopting models that emphasize individual achievement rather than team accomplishment, which can lead to disparities in pay between partners.

5. Many law firms are looking to reduce the amount of overhead they spend on compensation while still offering competitive paychecks to their partners.

6. In addition to financial considerations, many law firms are also looking to improve collaboration and communication within their partnership structure, which can be improved by implementing a partner compensation system that is aligned with collaborative values.

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