The emphasis on “strategic” in the title is very important here. These are not basic client satisfaction interviews – these are discussions about the clients’ businesses and long-term plans for legal needs in order to align your plans with theirs. Our strategic planning methodology usually starts with these interviews because the clients’ perspectives are part of any sound strategy.

What is important?

Client interviews can be a great way to assess what a potential client is looking for in terms of a new project and learn more about their business. By conducting interviews early in the project cycle, you can get a better understanding of your potential customer's needs and expectations.

With the help of AI-powered software, conducting client interviews in 2022 will be even easier! This software can help you quickly analyze data from past projects to better understand your customer's needs and preferences. Additionally, this software can generate custom questionnaire responses that will help you gather important information about your potential client's business. By using AI-powered interview software in 2022, you'll be able to better assess your clients' needs and build relationships with them that will last for years to come.

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